Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bye Sandy! (Guest Bloggers)

 K - Age 8  I'm glad sandys gone.But it was not that bad .I'm just glad we didn't lose power this time. I'm glad I had off from school the whole time. My family and I got to sleep down stairs.  My dad bought us a Jenga game during the storm. Wasn't that nice of him?

G - Age 6:  My  Name is G**** I think   it    was   awsome.  If are  powr  ran  out  I  will   skrem.I  want to go   to school .

We made it through just fine!!!  So excited that the power managed to hang in there.  I thought a couple of times it was on it's way out.  We are also very fortunate that the clean up outside is minimal.  Off I go now to occupy the troop!



Tera said...

So glad you are all safe! Love the guest bloggers! :) Hope they still got to trick-or-treat!

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