Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schools Out!

Yup!  Schools out and the kids are thrilled!  On the last day of Kindergarten George lost his first tooth!  Kristen is happy that I won't be waking her up early for a while!  As for Miss Madeline... what can I say.  She is a dream baby!  She eats and sleeps incredibly! At night after kisses she let's me know it's time to go when she waves goodbye.  Then, that's it until the morning!  We are getting ready for surgery which is in about 4 weeks.  She no longer drinks from a bottle and has moved on to a traditional cup.  She has seen the early intervention team here for speech and development.  She has made some serious gains and her development is just about on target.  Although she can't say many words (due to her palate) she does answer yes or no questions by shaking her head.  I am amazed at how well she understands English.  She uses lots of signs too!  Here are a few updated pics!