Monday, April 2, 2012

13 Hours and 50 Minutes

That's how long a straight through flight is from New Jersey to China.  Walt and Kristen left this morning.  There plane took off at 11:55.  I have been tracking them all day.  We won't hear from them until early tomorrow morning.  George is missing them already.
                                                      This picture was taken around 4:30pm

It's now 7:45 pm...  5 hours to go!  


Our Family said...

So exciting!!! Other than the long flight. :)

Tera said...

Love this! Bet you can't wait to hear from them!

Johanna said...

I just discovered your blog through a comment you made on mine! And, it looks like just in time to catch all the news!!! HOW EXCITING!!! I will be certainly following your blessed journey...praying it goes smoothlY! I remember so clearly the anticipation and feeling of a heart that was going to just BURST out upon seeing that beautiful face of my daughter! Can't wait to read about your daughter being in her momma's arms finally! Praise GOD~
ps, your baby girl is just so gorgeous!!!

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