Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yeah! We Got An Update!

It's not often that something is emailed to you that makes so unbelievably happy.  I'm talking, no words to describe happiness!  Lucky for me that happened this afternoon!   We received updated pictures and answers to the questions submitted to our agency.  First, the questions:

Family’s questions

1. What is her current height and weigt?  
 height 78cm  weight 10.4kg  head circumference 44cm  feet 11cm  teeth 4 on the top, 5 on the bottom

2. Does she sleep in a crib or with her foster mom? 
 She sleeps in the crib on her own.

3. Does her mom rock her to sleep or is she given a bottle and placed in a crib? 
She likes to hold a little handkerchief or towel when she goes to sleep.
Just lay her down in the crib with the towel in hand, no need to rock her.

3. How does her foster mom calm her when she is upset?
Usually the foster mom would give her a toy or something to calm her down.
She would play with toy in hand and stop crying.

4. What do they call her? 
The foster family just call her Xiang Fei.

5. Does she drink from a cup or bottle?
They give her water by spoon.

6. Does she drink milk or formula? 
 She drinks formula. The brand is Lactogen from Nestle.

Now for the pics!  In China it is normal to dress babies in layer upon layer.  Hence.... check out her red cheeks!

As for when Walt is going to pick her up?  Any day now, our agency will hear from China on that.  I think they will be home just after Easter!  (Stay Tuned)


Stephanie said...

Oh, goodness! She is so beautiful! What a fun surprise to get answers to your questions and new pics!

Tera said...

She is so, so cute!! Love the new pictures! I wish so badly we could go get our Jiangxi girls together!

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